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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


After running this website for 40 days, I'm quite satisfied with the results so far. But, as Alex said, "you know you're successfull when guys are copying you". And today I know I'm successfull because I found a copy of my website. A poor croatian guy did not only copy the idea but just mirrored my pages, copying all the images, the layout, .... just replacing the links by his own affiliate links. Anyway his page is empty so far. OTOH, no affiliate links on the original million dollar screenshot, no cheating, just pure traffic. Sorry but I won't link to his page, no free ad for the cheaters.

Bonjour Guillaume,
I'm really liked your idea, it's nice, I think you will make some money, but not a million! Who's know? May be, anyway, I hope you to succeed, I also started a 'Million' page for me, while I am still a student, please check it, and tell me what you think about? here is the URL: sorry, I do not have enough money to buy an icon, may be in the coming few days if I were able to get advertisers in my page.
Thanks a lot.
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